I recently purchased this washington fake id from http://fakeyourdrank.com here is my review.


Had to submit a few tickets because my payment was pending for a while. They responded quickly and despite me barely getting the ID this morning, it was mostly because of my own stupidity.
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COST: 10/10

65 bucks is a great price for this ID. Would buy again.


This one really surprised me. I've been reading around that FYD doesn't do much photoshop, but I think they did a good job here. I sent in a pretty crappy photo with shadow on the right side of my face because the flash was on the side of the lens on my phone. They did a sick job of minimizing that. Only things missing to make it a 10/10 were more prevalent ear shadows, and the picture looks to be too high quality. Other than that, it's great. CONCLUSION: 9/10

Overall great ID for the price I paid. All my friends say that they can easily tell it is fake because of how flimsy it feels but WA is suppose to feel flimsy and they don't know what they're talking about. So I don't know if she knew it was fake or not or she never seen a WA before. Either way, it worked I got my Dos Equis. So far I have used it at many bars and restaurants and it has worked everywhere. I would defintely recommend fakeyourdrank.